Saturday, 4 January 2014

PhotoSuite 3 Premium free

PhotoSuite 3 Photo Editor is one of the best professional photo editor.this version is photosuite 3 photo editor pro candownload this pro version totally free.this is full and final versionphotosuite 3 photo editor.also find latest feature this you can enjoy a fantastic photo editor for your android device.see some feature
Feature :
• Improve your photos – crop photos, apply fine tone and colorchanges to get the best of your photos.
• Use advanced photo designer tools – work with layers to combine pictures and create work-of- art collages.
• Enhance your images with graphical text and free drawing.
• Work with picture filters and effects – Invert , Grayscale, Pointillize, Crystallize, Exposure, Posterize, Diffuse, Contrast, Displace, Kaleidoscope, Marble, Ripple, Block, Weave, Oil, Reduce noise, Sharpen, Edge.
• File formats – PhotoSuite works in its own native format but can open and export images to the commonly used PNG, JPEG and gs formats.
• Use comprehensive selection tools and grouping of objects to quickly and easily handle parts of your image.
• Take advantage of your device camera to capture photos and include them in your image projects.
• Share images – PhotoSuite allows you to share images with your family and friends – in social networks such as Facebook, Google +, Picassa or Twitter; in your cloud accounts like Dropbox (via their third party applications); as email attachments.
Screenshot :


Requirements :
Android 2.3 and up
File Size : 2.07 MB
Current Version :3.0.8
Google Play Price : $2.99
Download Free Now!!!!
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