Saturday, 4 January 2014

ElectroDroid Pro

Electrodroid is one of the best apps for engineering student or every electronics can get moreknowledge about physics and electronics.there have many feature about physics can earn knowledge very easy way about engineering you can see important feature about electrodroid.this electrodroid apps is premium but you can download totally free from pro version have totally free from ad and others problem.
Feature :
• Resistor color code decoder (3-6 bands, with inverse look-up).
• SMD Resistor Code.
• Inductor color code decoder.
• Ohm’s law calculator.
• Reactance/Resonance calculator.
• Voltage divider.
• Resistors ratio, value/series/parallel.
• Capacitor charge calculation.
• Operational amplifier.
• LED resistor calculator (with customizable database).
• Adjustable voltage regulator/LM317 calculator (with customizable values).
• Heat dissipation.
• Battery Life calculator.
• Inductor design tool.
• Voltage Drop calculator.
• PCB Trace Width calculator.
• Simple Filters calculator.
• NE555 calculator.
• Power Calculator.
• RMS Converter.
• Decibel Converter.
• Frequency Converter.
• Analog-Digital Converter.
• Y-Δ Transformation.
• Range Converter.
Screenshot :

Requirements :
Android version : Varies with device
File Size :2.3 MB
Google Play Price : 2.74
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